Elements to build a comprehensive national system for the monitoring of the 2030 Agenda

National coordination

To ensure a large and effective consultation (if not reaching a consensus), involving government and non-government actors, on the national SDGs and on the regular and transparent monitoring (review and dialogue) of their achievement

Data production and dissemination

To produce the indicators that are required for the regular and comprehensive measurement and monitoring of the achievements of the country in implementing the agenda 2030 in compliance with international recommendations and using various and differentiated sources; they are available for and are accessible to the whole population

Alternative Data

To mobilise all the existing data sources, and in particular the non-statistics sources, that may help in a more regular and sustainable production of the SDG indicators

Data analysis and usage 

To make available to a large variety of users data that are relevant to their needs and are under formats that correspond to their respective data and/or information consumption patterns. The different data usages are supported and accompanied, through user-producer collaboration, exchange and other means.