Is the achievement of the SDGs a central objective of the National Development Plan (main national development policy document)?
Is the preparation of the national budget reflecting the national SDGs policy orientation?
Is there an organisation/society/association in the country promoting and developing quality standards such as ISO and EFQM?
Is the NSI the pilot and lead for building and regularly updating the SDGs monitoring system?
Are SDGs focal points in the government bodies nominated and active in the building and updating of the SDGs monitoring system?
Are coordination mechanisms explicitly addressed in the legal documents covering the national SDGs monitoring system?
Which hierarchical level is involved in these coordination mechanisms?
Is there a national platform established and regularly maintained for the dissemination of the national SDGs indicators?
What is the proportion of Tier I SDGs indicators produced and reported regularly (at least five years series) by the country?
Is there a regular annual report on the SDGs prepared by the Government?
Is this report discussed in the media (radio, tv, newspaper, social media)?
Is there an annual communication of the Government to the Parliament on the SDGs and the progress made in their achievements in the country?
Are VNR regularly prepared and shared?
Are thematic SDG reports produced?
Were capacity development needs and answers included into the National SDG Development Plan?
Did each government organisation involved in the national SDG monitoring system assessed its needs for capacity development?
Is there a national plan for developing a digital society?
Is there a national communication plan regarding the SDGs, their integration in the National development plan and their monitoring?

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